Monday, 20 August 2012


Yesterday I flopped a giant half-hour vlog onto the Youtubes, in which I responded to a clutch of questions from some lovely people who cared enough to ask them. Here it is, I guess.

Flippin' flip, what a boring douche I am! Anyway, somewhere in there I responded to a most excellent question from Zizzler about what my very own made-up combiner team would be like. I went with a gleefully juvenile response and created a ridiculously clich├ęd team of obvious Decepticon numpties:
  • Flashpoint, the overbearingly aggressive flame-tank
  • Piledriver, the mardy steamroller
  • Upshot, the snipe-happy jet fighter
  • Lockjaw, the ruthless race car scientist
  • Beatdown, the brutal battleship and head honcho
This motley bunch, I decided, would combine into a creature of such mindless brute force that nobody could possibly take it seriously, so I named the gestalt "Overcompensatron" because I AM FUNNY. Anyway, not four hours passed before a couple of folks had a go at bringing my laughable crapbiner to life. Ben's pleasingly Bruticus-esque Scramble City version appeared first:

Clickify to embiggen!
Check out that mother with his Judge Fire face! Not to be outdone, Erin got some pencils out and had a go at a TF:Animated version of not only the big bot, but also the individual team members. Blew my friggin' socks off.

I have all the boners right now.

A bit later on in the vid, derptron5000 asked me who would be in my ideal Transformers metal band, so I flashed up some slides of various toys with hilarious shit photoshopped onto them. It was pretty lame stuff - Smokescreen with shades, Thundercracker in a bandana, etc - and it took way longer to pull off than could possibly be construed as worthwhile. I even made a green screen out of coloured paper, just for that sequence. It was totally worth it though, because Erin drew THAT too:

Look at Blurr's face over on the right. That is the face of pinch harmonics.
I was secretly hoping somebody would draw Overcompensatron (when I said "make with the fanart", I was only half-kidding), but I never expected such awesome work as Ben and Erin threw my way. Nice job, guys.

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